Organization “Pradžių pradžia”

The beginning of life of every human being has great influence on their health in older age. Therefore health which is given through mother’s milk is the Beginning of the Beginnings of our life.

“PRADŽIŲ PRADŽIA” (Beginning of the Beginnings) is a nonprofit organization that helps mothers and families to solve breastfeeding problems, supports, shares advises in difficult situations and advises in regards of infants feeding. It’s an organization that also performs researches, practical, educational, informative and consulting functions in health and social fields.
Our activities are based on voluntary work. They are not funded by the government nor special programs. All our members work as volunteers, without any pay. Income is accumulated only through the 2% income tax and through the support of other companies and people.

One of the main goals of this organization is to promote social initiatives and personal activity in the fields of health education and health strengthening. It also seeks to support mothers who are breastfeeding and families that have breastfed infants and small children. We understand that health is one of the key values which depends on a person himself/herself and collective activity of various organizations. Therefore we seek the cooperation and communication of various organizations that are working in the fields of health education, strengthening and health care, in order to support, protect and promote breastfeeding.

Main activities of the organization:

  • Organization, support and teachings of breastfeeding mothers’ self help groups “Mother to Mother”.
  • Spread of scientific literature on breastfeeding.
  • Teachings, consultations and support for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Publishing literature on healthy motherhood, childhood and breastfeeding.
  • Monitoring of the International Marketing Code for Mother’s milk substitutes in Lithuania.
  • Development of connections with the international pro-breastfeeding organizations and exchange of experience.
  • Implementation of local and international programs that support breastfeeding.

apie mus“PRADŽIŲ PRADŽIA” was the first organization in Lithuania to consult, teach and provide practical help in regards of breastfeeding and the flood of mother’s milk. We try to strengthen the self trust of breastfeeding mothers so there were more breastfed infants and less illness directly related to mother’s milk and mother’s closeness with the baby in early childhood in Lithuania.
We work according to the recommendations for infant care and nutrition released by WHO and UNICEF. Our volunteers who had gained their knowledge in USA, UK, Sweden and Austria, are lecturers of a breastfeeding consultation program and active supporters of a natural infant feeding. We believe that every mother can feed a baby and even several babies with her milk.

Breastfeeding is important not only because of the value of the nutrition. A mother and a breastfed baby form an extremely close connection that has influence on the babie’s develpopment later on and the formation of his/her relationship with the environment.

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